Our Story

Once upon a time there were two little girls who met a week before kindergarten. They became fast friends and were soon inseparable. Like many little girls, they often enjoyed having tea parties with each other.  After one of their special teas, they decided that they never wanted to let it end. They vowed that they never would, and named their party the Everlasting Tea Party.  

As little girls do, they grew up, but continued to reunite for special teas to share thoughts, dreams, and giggles.  Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, the Everlasting Tea Party lived on and each tea party grew into a special occasion with delicious refreshments, new friendships, and even formal attire.

The two little girls, now two young women, moved their separate ways, but the Everlasting Tea Party did not cease. In fact, this special Tea Party allows them the wonderful opportunity to carve out special times with each other whenever their busy schedules permit. They continue to share thoughts, dreams, and giggles and now wish to share this experience with you.